Conflicts Of A Cloth Diapering Mama Using Disposables

A few days back I found myself in a predicament… the diaper basket was EMPTY 😦    I live 5 minutes from the store, and still somehow managed to completely run out of these little paper life-savers.

So while my bare-bummed 16 month old ran wildly through the house screaming with delight, I dashed from room to room trying to find just ONE diaper to prevent the inevitable accident.  Panicked and realizing I had absolutely no diapers left, I remembered the bag of cloth diapers I had stashed away… YES!  I spent the next several minutes trying to remember WHERE I had so cleverly put them when we moved. Finally found them hiding inside the old wooden chest in my room.  My feeling of success was short-lived though, as I heard a shriek from the living room and my four-year old scolding the baby.  Diaper and cover in hand, I ran downstairs to find the baby pointing to my daughter’s art basket (of all places), shaking his head and looking displeased.  Dangit… I was SO CLOSE!

So with the baby bottom finally secured and mess cleaned up, I begrudgingly headed for the grocery store… again.  Diapers and I have a hate-hate relationship…  Every couple of weeks, I find myself  repeating this routine (although not always so dramatic);  standing in front of the wall of diapers, comparing each and every price tag to see how many diapers I can get for my money, cursing them and their prices the whole time.  Buying diapers is one quick way to put me in a mood.  How dare they charge me so much for something I cannot live without…  The nerve!  These chemical laden, earth polluting, flimsy, leaky, little butt covers that cost us a fortune each year make me MAD… and it’s all for the sake of convenience.

How I wish I could go back to my wonderful, fluffy cloth!  When we moved, I sold my much-loved stash of pocket diapers to a dear friend.  I knew I wouldn’t have a washer or dryer, and the thought of taking all my diapers to the laundry mat several times a week seemed too daunting a task.  So I stashed away what cloth I had left – all my prefolds, contours, and covers – shed a tear and bought a pack of disposables.  A sad day indeed.

That bag of diapers still sits on top of the toy chest in my bedroom… judging me, I’m sure.  I really should pull them out and make them useful again.  Am I that determined, I wonder?  I know there are brave mothers all over who have managed to keep their babies in cloth without the convenience of a washer and dryer.  But could I do it??  Am I that brave?  Probably not… but it’s sure worth a shot!


3 thoughts on “Conflicts Of A Cloth Diapering Mama Using Disposables

  1. You can do it. Just give a try for a week or two. Really any clothe diapers is better the no cloth diapers. Plus you’ve already invest in the cloth…it could save you a day’s work of disposables. Good luck.

    • Thank you for the encouragement! I hate to see it all sit there unused, while I waste money on disposables… I guess i will just have to suck it up. I was so spoiled there for a while though… fancy diapers and sprayer make the job much more enjoyable!

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